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About Us

We are Cheryl & Mark Lieurance, pictured here with our best friend Quirt!  We have worked hard, and turned 20 acres of timber and bean fields into our own little piece of Heaven in southeast Iowa.

It all started with new fencing and a run-in shelter.  Then we added a 36x50 barn, roundpen and a wire outdoor arena.  At the time, Mark's job provided us with a house, so our next step was the indoor arena!  A year after that was completed we added our garage/shop/tack room and the house!  Then in 2010 we added a hay storage building and a 120x228 continuous pipe outdoor arena.  We've made some big changes to that old bean field!

The picture above was taken soon after our hay storage barn (far left) was completed.  The hay barn doubles as a horse barn when we host clinics.

The picture below, is of our newly completed 120x228 outdoor arena.
If you look closely, you can see Mark standing in the middle of the arena!
We're looking forward to many years of good times in this arena.
From clinics, to working horses, to just-for-fun days with friends!

In 1998 we attended our first Buck Brannaman demos and clinic.  We knew immediately that we needed more of what he had to offer!  Since then we have had the pleasure of not only riding with Buck, but also with Ray Hunt, The Californios and Bob King.  In 2003 we attended a 10 day clinic at Buck's ranch in Wyoming where we each started a colt of our own and worked on ranch roping, cow working and horsemanship on an older horse we brought.
It was the experience of a lifetime!

In 2005 we had the good fortune to meet Bob King!  He has made such a difference in our lives and the lives of our horses.  With great patience, and wonderful teaching skills, Bob has helped us progress in our pursuit of good horsemanship and cattle handling.  Ranch roping has become one of our favorite things to do!  Never in a million years did we ever think we would love it like we do.  Thanks to Bob, we went to a ranch in the Nebraska sandhills for Spring branding time in 2007.  Absolutely amazing!!  We went back in 2008 & 2009, but had to miss 2010.  Instead, we hauled 4 horses to Arizona and rode with Bob for 7 days at his place.  Then we hauled 30 miles to Willcox, AZ and rode for 4 days (all day) in the Bridle Horse Ranch Roping Clinic with Buck Brannaman!  What an amazing 3 weeks we had!

In 2009 we both had the opportunity to take early retirement from our jobs!
I (Cheryl), took retirement from GE on September 1st.  Mark's last day with Des Moines County Conservation was December 11th, with Jan. 1, 2010 being his first official day of retirement.  That made 2010 the year for catching up on maintenance projects and horse projects.  We had an intern work with us in the spring, sold 2 horses, put up our continuous pipe outdoor arena and painted it, hosted 2 two-week clinics with Bob King and got a lot of clean-up work done around the place. We made a 3 week trip to Arizona and a 1 week flight to California for our neice's high school graduation.  How did we ever have time to work at a job away from home??  Whew!

Now we're working our own horses, plus taking in outside horses.  As our horses progress we'll be selecting our 'keepers' and offering the others for sale.
So keep us in mind if you're ever looking for a well-trained ranch horse, trail horse or family horse.  We won't misrepresent our horses, we tell it like it is!

We also offer riding lessons. Please call for details!

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