Dreamcatcher Stable

His history is a mystery,
his future is looking bright!

Reno, story of a rescue horse.

Reno came to us for training in August 2010.  He had been previously rescued, and had actually gained quite a bit of weight before coming to us.
After spending 30 days with him, we had fallen in love with his cute face and quiet demeanor.  When given the chance to have him as our own, we were happy to add him to our remuda.

Reno is started under saddle and doing very well.  We're hoping he'll be a great little horse that our grandkids can safely ride.

Check back for updates and pics of Reno's progress!!

July 2011
Reno's first time logging!
He's also learning to be a roping pony!
He may only weigh just over 800lbs
and stand at barely 14hh, but don't
tell him that!!  He thinks he's BIG!

Roping & Branding

May 2011
Reno is introduced to cattle
And he LOVED it!!
He's turning out to be quite
the little cowpony.

Reno goes roping!!
Mark has taken Reno under his wing and decided to make a true cow-pony out of him!
These pix are of him dragging a heavy calf, and of him holding while a calf is branded.
Reno can do it all!! :o)

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